Brand Design


15 Oct 2018, Posted by ONdesign in Brand Design, Miscellany

UPON visual identity is designed to meet the challenges of a competitive business and to connect naturally with customers. Every detail of the brand identity has been created to ensure that it is expressive of the brand and its values. Simple, distinct, seamless. Warm, lively,…

ONdesign – Luxury pack

21 Oct 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Brand Design

During each stage of design and production of a luxury packaging, ONdesign always reconciles the need for beauty, elegance, functionality and communication power with the desire to get a personalized result. It must be able to celebrate values, traditions and history of a brand through…


15 Oct 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Brand Design

Sometimes packaging can’t be just a simple container but must be precious as its content and ONdesign knows that luxury packaging – from cosmetics to food, from fashion to pharmaceutical industry – is exactly all about this. The perfect occasion to showcase and share ideas,…


15 Jul 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Brand Design, Community Design

Can we translate visual identity into an experience? For ONdesign, the answer is yes. We deal with different projects concerning exhibition design, where the challenge is always delivering a personalized, highly engaging, memorable experience, remaining consistent with the brand identity at the same time. The…


06 Jun 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Brand Design

Cosmetics are all about good looks, where as their packaging is a matter of look, functionality, and brand values communication at the same time. Ondesign, which has always been sensitive to find the harmony between form and functionality, knows the relevance of matching all these…

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