PRESENCE in urban furniture

PRESENCE in urban furniture


The definition of urban furniture not only helps to indicate generic items located in our city streets, but more specifically it identifies all those equipment targeted to provide security, services and information to the users.

Technology, design, culture and sustainability: through the combination of these features, we create urban furniture conceived to be used in buildings and spaces, both private and public. These excellence products are perfectly integrated in the cultural and environmental context of each place. Furthermore they offer their support to the correct tracking of people or to the storing of information, guaranteeing security where it is needed. In addition we combine product design with study of Graphical User Interface (GUI) to realize interactive systems conceived to provide information and directions to users.

ONdesign supports you in the development of your next urban furniture project: from concept definition to execution design, from 3D rendering to Graphic User Interface and communication material.


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ONdesign is always available to be contacted at:
Email: info@ondesign.it
Phone: +39 06.503.6266
Address: via della Piramide Cestia 1
00153 Rome, Italy


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