Access control systems for a stronger security

In an increasingly connected world, data protection, security and access control are crucial topics. And just as the methods used to store information have improved over the years, the advancements made in technology have also helped to develop access control systems in a big way. This is the core business at IFSEC International, the biggest European exhibition about security, taking place in London next June 21 to 23.


Access control devices: between technology and design

Access control devices used in buildings and spaces, both private and public, play a relevant role in places where security is a must: they must assure the correct tracking of people passing through them. Design is also consistent: due to their location, they have to inspire confidence, be attractive and engaging. They are the calling card of a given place, the gate that welcomes people into its world.


Innovation, research and brand identity, all in one product

Aware of this, ONdesign also creates cutting-edge access control devices: the result of a deep industrial design research, able to give an innovative product, something never seen before, which represents the brand, and lingers on visitors’ minds.

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