Happy New 2016

01 Jan 2016, Posted by ONdesign in Miscellany

The new year is just around the corner and we are getting ready for a 2016 full of joy and peace, rich of inspiration and success, brightened by beauty and harmony.

Trends from Medica 2015 Düsseldorf

10 Dec 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Miscellany

Future is digital, even within the medical field. This is the trend that stood out during the last, successful edition of Medica (Düsseldorf, November 16-19), the international fair dedicated to medicine. The increasing digitalisation of information technology will not involve operating rooms or hospital’s beds…

Surgical device

18 Nov 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Miscellany

TROCAR is a surgical device used to create ports into the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery. It is fitted with a cannula, a hollow tube, designed to be inserted into a body cavity as a drainage outlet. Typically, trocars are made of metal and vary in…

Ergonomy in Medical Design

13 Nov 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Miscellany

When one talks about medical industry, and the equipment used in the operating room in particular, such factors as ergonomics, quality of materials, ease of use and, not least, safety, can’t be ignored. ONdesign’s expertise and competence in the field of disposable medical instruments design…

ONdesign – Luxury pack

21 Oct 2015, Posted by ONdesign in Brand Design

During each stage of design and production of a luxury packaging, ONdesign always reconciles the need for beauty, elegance, functionality and communication power with the desire to get a personalized result. It must be able to celebrate values, traditions and history of a brand through…