Can we translate visual identity into an experience? For ONdesign, the answer is yes. We deal with different projects concerning exhibition design, where the challenge is always delivering a personalized, highly engaging, memorable experience, remaining consistent with the brand identity at the same time.

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For this occasion, we created a new way for attendees to interact with the event introducing one of the most involving elements ever, for its inner nature: a game. ONdesign conceived a 5 steps labyrinth to play with; it was easy to understand and quick to play enhancing fun, competition and rewarding.

The intention was to involve not the public as a whole, but every single user creating a one to one live interaction: lights, sounds and movements of the game defined something involving and news worthy.
In this case, ONdesign demonstrated that is possible to be engaging and innovative even in an institutional event, designing not just a stand but an experience, maximizing impact and response and being in line with the corporate brand values of our customers.

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