During each stage of design and production of a luxury packaging, ONdesign always reconciles the need for beauty, elegance, functionality and communication power with the desire to get a personalized result. It must be able to celebrate values, traditions and history of a brand through the use of lines, shapes, colors and materials that best highlight its identity.

Different languages ​​interact in the packaging to express the power of the brand and to make the product inside as attractive and desirable as possible. Among the examples of luxury packaging proposed by ONdesign, this jewelry packaging is conceived to perform two complementary functions: on the one hand the fabric bag, with its softness, is perfectly suitable to protect a delicate and precious product; on the other hand the cardboard box refers to the idea of ​​a resistant, durable and valuable packaging, thanks to the geometry of lines and surfaces that accompany the light.

The colors of the brand and the processing of the logo, the use of different materials, textures and shapes, everything contributes to highlight the brand identity.

ONdesign is always ready to answer to your needs and transform a simple packaging into a tailor-made luxury packaging.
luxury packaging design tods ondesignluxury packaging design tods ondesign

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