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Exhibition design is a communication project in an environment and designing for the exhibit means staging a space for relationship, dialogue and display between a product, a concept or a service and the public. ONdesign designs physical, virtual or hybrid exhibition spaces, designed to create engagement and networking opportunities.


Exhibition design: from concept to experience

An exhibition design project must convey the desired message through a strong and differentiating “concept” that summarizes the purpose and objective of the event and reflects and supports the values ​​of the Brand in an unequivocal way.


The concept is the guiding idea of ​​the exhibit event that contains the company objectives, the target, the location and which translates into an attractive and recognizable claim, accompanied by shapes, images, graphics, color choices and lights; these elements must be able to translate the different layers of meaning of the guiding idea in a creative, innovative and practical way, thus reaching the target audience and allowing easy access to the targeted content.


Compelling, innovative, engaging

For the realization of projects, ONdesign brings together different skills that know how to combine spatial, aesthetic, functional, constructive and technological aspects in a single design process. The identification of a creative direction, the development of innovative and effective solutions, the choice of location or platform, the selection of the most appropriate technologies contribute to the effectiveness of the exhibition set-up and transform it into an engaging and positive experience.


In fact, in the development of the project, innovation and creativity must be focused on the involvement of the public to whom the message is oriented. Beyond the choice of the most appropriate forms of communication, the enhancement of interaction is an essential objective: it allows to stimulate people’s attention and to collect data on their preferences in order to optimize their experience and involvement.

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