The keys elements of an effective communication

Luxepack, the international fair dedicated to creative packaging – closed in Monaco last week and joined by several clients for whom ONdesign conceived tailor-made communication projects – put the focus once again on the relationship between packaging design and effective communication. Especially when it comes to cosmetics, beyond the power of color palettes, shapes, materials and patterns, what really makes the difference in achieving both projects and goals is the effectiveness of the synergy between professional photography and hyper-realistic rendering. This becomes the basis for a communication that is able to enhance product’s beauty and elegance as well as to convey brand’s identity and values, ideas and innovation.

The importance of professional photography

In order for a communication to be defined as effective the ideal condition is the one which implies the chance to see with your eyes what you are talking about. ONdesign, always at the forefront in the development of specific strategies, structures each step, from the concept to the completion of the products’ catalog, availing itself of a team of professional photographers and digital designers who are able to ensure high quality pictures highlighting every detail and feature that make the product unique. Through the images, reality is improved and the attractiveness potential of the product is strongly emphasized.

Rendering: find reality beyond the image

What if the packaging does not exist yet, but it is just a project? No problem. Even before you can handle the final object, ONdesign applies digital design, three-dimensional modeling and hyper-realistic rendering tools to get a preview of the finished product and to process such an effective advertising campaign that encourages the achievement of the established goals. In this way ONdesign will optimize market-placement timing by allowing you to promote your products before they are built and helps to achieve the success of your projects.

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