The new year has just begun and we are getting ready for our visit to “The London Textile Fair” (London, January 11 – 12), the UK’s biggest event for fashion fabrics. The show is once again at full capacity, with the participation of the greatest European textile mills presenting their latest collections to the buyers.

A vision for the textile industry

It’s time to take a look forward to the next trends for spring summer 2018: a season of awareness, where innovation and technology mixed with progressive scientific knowledge will be at the highest.
Beyond colors and textures, emotion is what defines the new fashion guidelines for this fresh and vibrant time of the year. Between illusion and reality, thanks to the careful selection of fabrics, textures and colors, fashion industry can enhance the vitality of being and convey a new way of life rich of positive energy.
Truth, freedom, transparency and the desire to live in a more sustainable society: nature plays a key role, with natural fibers and nano-technology ensuring an authentic and transparent manufacture.
Synthetics follow suit, updating their processes and delivering sustainable solution. Creativity is key in compiling new ideas, moving away from the basics and injecting a strong sense of freshness and innovation.

New trends for the season of awareness

With the desire to inspire and embolden, color palettes for this bright season encourage adventure and exploration of the new. There is an overall mood of euphoria. Lush close ups of nature, floral decorations and geometrical shapes combined with high intensity warm colors represent the cultures from all around the world. This time will be embracing the unusual, the element of surprise will come into play. A multitude of vibrant shades: organic greens, rich gold, earthy tones, precious pinks and citrus orange. Classics like black and white are playfully placed near to bold reds, yellows and blues. Textiles are soft and extremely light in weight, using fabrics such us textured chiffon, silk and organza to convey a sense of breeziness and movement within the clothes.Rich result on Googles SERP when searching for 'design trends'

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